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Ted Youth Conference Fort Garry

12 May

This is one of several different speakers that are available here.

What a motivational tool.  If you ever wanted to question today’s youth…fear no more!!  Just watch these local speakers and know that these students are sitting in your classroom.   They all have different passions and it becomes a teachers PRIORITY to get out of the way and stand behind your students to guide them to their passions.  We have room for this in are already busy life’s.  Taking the time to find what makes your students tick is a win-win.  This is a personal “note to self” to remember that I am physiologically engineered to care and find enjoyment in life.  We have a say in this, and that should not become a burden but a match that we use to ignite our own passion to teach.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Random thoughts about teaching math

Educational Consultant: Humanity - Pedagogy - Technology

Digital maverick, revolutionary pedagogue educator, scientist, explorer and teacher of science through extreme sports. @natkin

The Roots of the Equation

Trying to find math inside everything else

Denise Gaskins' Let's Play Math

Helping families to learn and enjoy math together.


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